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Labor and Delivery?

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Hi--I'm going into my senior year of high school and am thinking about careers. I really want to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse, and my parents are supprorting me all the way, except for one thing: They don't think that I have the experience with nursing (which I don't really) to choose it as my career. So before I head off to college in a year, I would really like to make sure that this is the career for me. If anyone can give me feedback and let me know all about it, I'd really appreciate it!


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janis9799 specializes in ICU.

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I too want to go into labor and delivery. I was 23 when I had my oldest son and hadbeen trying for five years since HS to figure out what I wanted to be. All I knew was that I wanted to help people, and maybe be one of those people that other people remembered. I always remembered my "great" teachers. One problem. I am not the most natural when it comes to relating to kids (even when I was a kid). So I got married and got pregnant, and found that I was totally fascinated with my pregnancy, the birth of my sons etc. I remembered thinking when I was in post partum, what an awesome job the nurses had. I also have never forgotten any of them because they were with me through a pivotal moment in my life. That was when I decided nursing was something to think about.

Now I don't suggest you go and have some babies to decide if L&D is for you.

What I suggest is this:

Beginning this monday I am taking a five week class at the community college to become a CNA. It doesn't cost much here about $65 dollars plus a $45 book. I am doing this because I will get some extra pts to help me get into the ADN program here. But I will also get a job as a CNA to help pay for classes. This fall I am going to take my prerequisites for the ADN program. Being a CNA will get my feet a bit wet so I can see a little more of nursing. Maybe next summer before you go to college you could take a CNA class. If you are going to need a p/t job while in school this will give you an opportunity to make a bit more than a cashier at a walmart and give you some experience.

Or call your local hospital and ask if they need volunteers on the L&D floor or to rock babies or on another floor you might have some interest in. This will also expose you to nursing. Good luck.

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Hello Just Cheeky (which is a great name)

I wish you all the best with what ever you choose to do and I'm sure that you will do well.

It is said by a lot of nurses and people within field that getting some previous hands on experience before you begin a course is extremely valuable because you get to learn basic stuff and get a bit more of an understanding of the kind of work you may be doing. I therefore think that the suggestion of voluntary work is very good one, because it can allow you to have a chance of experiencing some environments that you may want to work in. It can also give you a chance to talk to some of the staff members and find out some feed back from people who can give you a better idea of what it is like in the role you are interested in.

At the moment, I am on a maternity ward doing some voluntary work, which may not be too hands on at the moment, but it is still enabling me to see some of the stuff that I wouldn't be able to know through a career guide or book. I'm also getting to know staff, who are talking to me about how their careers panned out and so on, other people's experience are so useful!!!

Hope this helps in someway...:wink2:

love and floating stars



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Some hospitals have internships for students considering careers in nursing. I would call around and look into that.

Also, speaking as a current labor and delivery nurse, don't get so fixated on just one aspect of nursing just yet, okay? There are lots of areas, and besides, I notice that about 80% of nursing students say they want labor and delivery until they see how scary it really is in there, especially when something goes wrong. You may not want it after you see it for what it really is and not what it is on TV.

Nursing is full of neat places to work. I would encourage you to try to see all the areas before you settle on where you want to go first. If you do that and still want labor and delivery, warts and all, great. Anyway, it's great that you want to be a nurse. I hope you continue on that path and we can welcome you into the field a few years from now. ;)

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