Labor & Delivery in Baltimore

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I have over 2 years of L&D experience and planning to relocate from San Diego to Baltimore when I get married next year. I don't really know people who live in the area who can advise me on what hospital I should apply at and which to avoid. So, I'm turning to the Allnurses community to aid me here.

I know that just because a hospital as a whole has a good reputation doesn't necessarily mean a particular unit is a good one to work on. I know this first hand with my current job situation (my employer overall is good, but my direct management is essentially running the unit into the ground).

Is there anyone who can offer insight on working L&D in Baltimore and the surrounding area? If you currently work L&D in the area, at what hospital and what's good/bad about the unit? Places you recommend and places I should avoid?

I have also considered the option of doing local travel nursing for a time as a way to test out the hospitals before deciding on a place to become permanent staff.

Thanks in advance.


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There are more hospitals in Baltimore than I have ever seen in a city. It seems like there is one on every block! Mercy has a bad reputation for L&D because the MDs there have a reputation for scheduling a lot of Cesarians for their own convenience. Franklin Square has a good reputation for L&D because they do focus on natural childbirth and not doing Cesarians unless medically necessary. Of course, you can't go wrong with Hopkins or Univ of Maryland. Good luck