Lab requirements for CA license?


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I am currently in the process of applying for licensure by endorsement from Michigan to California. I graduated from Michigan State University with my BSN and I had been talking to a recruiter at a hospital in LA. I thought everything would be set as I planned to visit Sacramento and do live scan to speed up the process. However, when talking to the BRN yesterday, they mentioned "A and P lab" as a prerequisite requirement. I took anatomy and physiology however my nursing program did not require the lab portion as a prerequisite. Has anybody applied without this "lab requirement" and gotten endorsed? I'm very frustrated because I had almost everything set to move and I am curious if I need to sign up for labs in order to get my license.

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Hello, I’m in a VERY similar situation. I was wondering how everything worked out and were you able to become an RN in CA?

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Hello! I endorsed my license to CA about one year ago. BRN wants labs for anatomy, physiology, and micro. If you do not have those requirements then you will not be able to get your CA license. You would need to sign up and complete those classes WITH a lab before submitting your application to the BRN. Hopefully that answers your question.


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I also don't understand how you are supposed to meet the requirement for the communication part :

California Code of Regulations Section 1426 identifies the prerequisite courses required in addition to a nursing program:

Communication skills, six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units shall include principals of:

Oral communication

Written communication

Group communication

Did anyone have insight on this?