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I am doing a concept map on a 2 month old diagnosed with Failure to Thrive. Not gaining weight and vomits after most feedings. Had an ultrasound of the pylorus and it indicated patient has Pyloric Stenosis.

Here are the labs and i'm trying to indicate what the patient's labs mean or what it could indicate. Here's what I think.

Potassium 5.9 (High) -----I think it could indicate Hemolysis, Infection, Acidosis, and Dehydration.

Creatinine 0.4 (Low)------I think it could indicate Debiltation(weakening), Decreased muscle mass

Calcium 10.2 (High)---------could indicate hypercalcemia

HGB 9.3 (Low)---------could indicate Anemia, Hemorrhage, Dietary Def

HCT 25.4 (Low)

RDW 16.4 (high)--------could indicate Iron-Def anemia, b12 vitamin anemia, Hemolytc anemia

Platelet count 555 (high)--------could indicate thrombocytosis, iron-def anemia, malignant disorders

MPV 7.0 (Low)--------could indicate Aplastic Anemia

* The ones I'm really unsure of are:

Total Protein 6.0 (Low)

Alkaline Phosphatase 290 (high)

AST 50 (high)

Any help would be great. I'm just kinda want to make sure i'm on the right track.


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A REALLY helpful website I found while I was in school and having to do careplans and patient mapping: It gives the tests, why they are ordered and what it means if the results are either high or low.... check it out!! Hope this helps... :idea: Good luck!!