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LA County Nursing program selection


Hello! I am currently a LVN and have applied to the LA county school of nursing and allied health's LVN-RN bridge program for summer '14 as well as the generic program for fall '14. For the bridge program I have 78 points and Generic program I have 81 points. My science gpa is a 3.6 and my TEAS score is a 76%. Does anyone know what my chances of being accepted are?? I would love to get into the bridge program but will settle for the generic option if I have to. Also do any alumni's or current students know when/how they notify you about acceptance?? Any information is much appreciated, thanks!

Hi! Im not sure what the points are for the bridge program. The consensus from previous applicants for the generic program is the cut off is usually anywhere from 80-82. It really depends on the applicant pool though. Also, for the generic program, they most likely wont be sending out notifications until end of May. Good luck to you!!! :)