L&D to Mom Baby transition?


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Hello! I’m once again going through a “I need a change” phase. Have been doing labor for 15 years, reached this point about every 5 but have not acted on it. Most of the time I like what I do, I like my peeps, but I think I’m finally ready for a change. Our unit is bursting at the seams, gone through a major turnover in staff and (although I NEVER wanted to use this as an excuse) I’m getting older (59). I’m starting to consider M/B, although all my Adrenalin junkie friends say I’d be bored outa my mind. Just wondering if there are any former L&D nurses who have transitioned, thoughts and suggestions? TIA-

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  I respect the heck out of you  L & D girls. I circulate deliveries, input info, and wipe off/check out the baby if it doesn’t go STS in a delivery, but I am not responsible for that laboring patient. Whew..... we do it all in one room on our LDRP unit. 
      I have done mommy & baby for 13 years, since graduation, and I love it. YES there’s not a ton of adrenaline associated, but you stay busy. 
    It would definitely be a change in pace for you but I’ll be honest, as my life phases changed, I appreciated it more! Could you stay on PRN on L & D? 


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Thanks DrMissitRNfixit. That might be an option, pretty sure I could try it for awhile and go back if wasn’t a fit, they just did a very attractive Voluntary Exit Program so that’s what a lot of nurses did. And now we’re short staffed...? Six years to retirement, it can’t come soon enough!?

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In 2020 and a nursing Shortage ??‍♀️ Good luck with your decision and either way you go-take plenty time for vacations and you-time! You’re there still helping in all of this craziness! Thank you! ?