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I started at a clinic for multiple myeloma. This clinic has been up and running for years. From what I read on the ONS immunotherapy textbook, there is either pre-hydration, and/or post hydration when administering Kyprolis. However,  the seasoned nurse showed me to y site the normal saline to the Kyprolis, so that the Kyprolis and normal saline are running at the same time.  

The textbook does not say if this practice is OK, nor not OK. But I want to know has anyone ever done this or seen this before? 

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Kudos for investigating something further that you're not familiar with!

Have you looked into the policy or procedure for administering Kyprolis at your workplace? If I can't find a specific policy or procedure regarding something, typically my next "go to" is manufacturer's materials. 

Good luck!



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