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by Rupert1515 Rupert1515 (New) New Student

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd start a discussion here for the 2021 BSN intake for Kpu. I've been in this damn health foundations program since 2018 LOL. After 2 exhausting years, I'm finally applying! I'm so excited! However, I am also nervous at the same time because of how ridiculously high the GPA cut-off has been. Anyhow, good luck to everyone that has applied and hopefully we can keep each other posted in here! :)

Also.. just a fair warning about the declaration process. I declared right away back in August and 4 weeks later...NOTHING was showing up under my application status. I finally felt like something was wrong and I emailed an advisor. Turns out they never received my application!! This was so strange to me, because I had an email receipt and the auto-reply from KPU when you send an email. So, I really have no idea why my email was overlooked. Long story short, I had to re-submit my declaration form with less than a week away from the deadline, ugh. Anyways, all is good now and my application status finally says under review! In conclusion, ALWAYS follow up and ask if documents/applications are received, because they can totally drop the ball sometimes. #thankyouforcomingtomytedtalk 

OMG girl im in the same boat kinda, been at kpu health foundations program since 2018 too but my genius self has only been going to sept semesters ahhh. anyways after next sem I'll also be able to start applying! I heard the GPA is high but around 3.8. There's also a facebook group you could join 

also has a question about the declaration process. do you declare right before your final semester or after you've finished all your required courses ?


fingers crossed hopefully you get in!!