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I was just wondering what everyone's opinion was on Kennesaw State vs Georgia State's Nursing Program. I am really looking at GSU primarily because they offer the ACE program. I have heard that the quality of education at KSU, however, is held at the same respect as Emory. Any advice?


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I currently attend KSU. But, when I was applying to schools, I was accepted to both KSU and GSU. The deciding factor to me was the fact that GSU requires 2 classes to qualify for their ACE program (this may have changed since I applied in the fall of 2012). These two classes were only offered at GSU and it means 2 extra classes that KSU didn't require (extra $$$). If you're already enrolled for prereqs at GSU, then it makes sense. But, I was not. From personal experience, I have had wonderful opportunities at KSU. My professors have been great. It is competitive to get in, but it is a state school (more affordable) with a great reputation and an education that does rival the area's private programs. It's worth it to apply to both! Hope this helps!

Hi Molls4,

Thanks for your response. I'm debating now. I am to the point where I'm getting older (turning 32 on Mother's Day), and am ready to get out there and start my career. I was looking at attending a 2-year school, but I am so close to having all of my gen eds done for any university program. I would only have 13 more courses to complete, including the two that must be taken at GSU, in order to apply for the ACE program. For KSU, I would need to take one more science and Statistics, which I am considering doing over the summer so that I can apply for Spring Start. I just figure if I know that I want to obtain at least a BSN, if I am sooooo close to completing all Gen Ed course work for a BSN, why not just go that route instead of entering a ADN program?

I also thought about completing a LPN program which would start this June, and conclude next April, and then entering into GSU's ACE program...but that would only be so that I could save the money to AFFORD to live without having to work during the 4 semesters.

Is KSU 4 semesters? Are they consecutive, or Spring and Fall only? I've heard so many great things about KSU. How competitive is it? I would have about a 3.7-3.8 when I applied if I apply for the Spring start.



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Just like GSU's ACE program, you have to have a previous degree for KSU's accelerated. They only take 40 people for the accelerated program each spring or fall semester. The traditional program takes 80 I believe. There are actually a couple of threads about both programs on the Georgia forum where people post their statistics. That would give you the best idea of where you stand (you have a really good GPA already). Accelerated is 4 semesters, summer included. Traditional is two years (5 semesters). If you start in the spring, you have your first summer off. If you go to the Wellstar School of Nursing's website, it gives you sample schedules for what semesters you start (you have to click on curriculum maybe? It's somewhere in there). I agree though about going for the BSN. As I've been applying for jobs, it seems that a lot of area hospitals prefer BSN on their job listings. It seems less costly in money and time to just get the BSN in the first place if that's your end goal. Good luck!!!


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Oh and I understand about going the efficient route. This is my second career and I'll turn 31 in July. Happy early birthday, by the way! It's never too late to pursue a new career that you know you'll love :-)


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Where was this thread moved to? I would really like to know more about these programs!

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