Kramer School Of Nursing


Does Anyone Know How Much The Tuition Is For 2008?

I Am Thinking About Applying There To Start Their Bs-bsn Program And I Was Wondering If Any Of You Guys Are Students There Or Have Been Students There.

What Do/did You Think About Their Program And Do You Think It Is/was Worth The Money?

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you should call the school and ask about the tution.. good luck in school and keep us posted

If you are talking about the one at Oklahoma City University it costs around $36,000 per year if you live on campus. I was accepted there for Fall '08, but will have to decline as it would cost me $52,000 to complete my BSN. (I already have a Bachelor's in another discipline). The Bachelor's-to-BSN is $38,500.

This is just mho, but I think that all are pretty much the same. OU is around $10,000 and from what people have said here their program is pretty intense, so I don't think that any of the OU students thougt that they were getting an "inferior product".

At OCU you will be paying for the name. I was told by the woman at financial aid that, "well, all of our graduates get jobs right away!" I was thinking,"but that would be true of any nursing school graduate with a passing NCLEX score!" I don't think that someone would be MORE likely to hire me because I went to OCU.

P.S. If you ARE talking about the Kramer School of Nursing at OCU you might want to xpost to the regional part of this site so you can get responses from folks in OK!

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