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I will be finishing up my pre reqs for the nursing program at Kirkwood this fall. I just found out that they are going to make us take this test in September called the TEAS test. If you pass, that is great, you will get bumped up on the waiting list. If you don't, you will have to take enrichment classes before going on the waitlist. No one knows anything about this test yet at Kirkwood except that we are supposed to take it next month. I wanted to see if anyone was in the same boat that I am in or has taken this test before and can recommend any study tips especially in MATH.

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I just barely scooted past this. I got a letter in the mail telling me I HAD to take this test. So I called and talk to someone in the health sciences department and found out I did NOT have to take it.

I was grandfathered in. I was accepted in August and I start the program in January.

I did most of my gen. ed. there at Kirkwood but I honestly did not get to know many people. So we may or may not have met. I honestly have no idea.

Sorry I don't have the answers you were seeking. :o


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what does TEAS stand for? As a student at the end of my second semester ( a month away from LPN degree) that sounds interesting.... there were a lot of students last semester that made it through A&P, etc but couldn't cut it when it came to the real classes... I wonder what it tests you on???


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TEAS is a Test of Essential Academic Skills


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Most schools of nursing require an entrance exam in order to redirect students who probably will not meet the acedemic standards to pass the required courses. I went to Cochise Community College in Douglas, AZ and out of the 285 people who took the exam 35 students were entered into the program with me. It can seem very daunting but nursing education is competative.

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