what kind of summer job should i look for?

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hi! I need some help. I have just been accepted to the school of nursing, and will start clinicals next fall. I need a summer job, and i would like to get into something that will be useful later on. Something nursing oriented but doesn't require me having prior experience. Should i look for something in a doctor's office, ward clerk type thing? help!

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One of the most intimidating things for me, when I started Nursing school, was talking to strangers about intimate subjects, and seeing them naked. The first time I had to do peri care, I thought I was going to DIE! I eventually took Nursing Assistant training, and working as an Aide really helped me get over that embarrassment. Just a thought...


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this probably isn't much help regards summer jobs, but the single most useful thing i have ever done which has assisted me in my nursing, was to be a volunteer for a counselling agency. i did this for nearly nine years, and found that i now know so much more about listening to people, and especially hearing what is NOT said as well as what is.

anything u do which helps u relate better with people will come in handy for your future as a nurse

good luck :-)


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I would definitely recommend a job as a nursing assistant and try to get a position in an area you are interested in. OR, ER, ICU, Med/Surg etc. The daily routine and what you can observe will really help you in school. Make sure the nurses and staff are open to teaching and will be helpful in your learning process. There is nothing like having a mentor. And you may end up getting a job out of it when you graduate.

Good Luck !!!

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I would have to agree with getting a job as a nursing assistant. I would recommend getting a NA position in a hospital setting if possible, you will see many of the skills you will need to test out on in nursing school (i.e. suctioning, catheters, IV's etc.).

A ward clerk, a HUC (health unit coordinator) would also be a great experience. You would be transcribing DR. orders all day long, seeing the names of medications, treatments, procedures etc. You would also get first hand knowledge of "how a nursing unit is run".

Good Luck with whatever job you choose, and good luck with nursing school, I hope you find this website and bulletin board a great resource during school!


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