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:nurse: I am an LPN who recently moved to El Segundo, California - which is very close to Los Angeles. I completed my LPN program through BOCES in New York State and I am trying very hard to find an LPN to RN bridge program in California. I was going to try to get into Loma Linda, which is a bachelor program but the load of prerequisites was just enormous and I feel like I would be in school forever before I even start my program. I have also heard that Los Angeles East College had a program, so I called them and although they only had a few prerequisites they informed me that they have a two year waiting list. I've heard of many other schools such as West Coast University - which has cancelled their program and I'm getting pretty discouraged that I will never be able to get my RN license. I was going to try to go to Helene Fuld in New York but I ended up moving, and I thought that it might be easier to find a school out here but I am back in the same situation that I was in in New York and I'm having a very hard time finding a school. If anyone is in my area or even two or three hours away and is currently attending a bridge program or knows of one I might be able to try, I would realllly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you so much.


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do it online

univ of phoenix or excelsior

Excelsior isn't accepted in California. You may want to try Western Governors University, it's in the LA area, and all you need is your CNA or LVN license plus a Bachelors degree in another field. See if Everest College has a program. Better yet visit the CA BRN website for a list of accredited schools. Good Luck


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Thanks, I really can't do school online.....I need to be in a classroom setting, and as far as the other school - I would need to go to school for four years for a bachelor's....I've never been in college before, so then I guess there's no point in even having my LPN license? I could just go to four year RN school.....I wish this could be easier


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any rn program is going to have pre rec's. what about la county school of nursing, they even have a 30unit option if you want to cut out a lot of pre rec's. problem with this is that it is not a degree and you can only work in ca.

for wgu you can get in with an aa does not have to be a ba.

here is some info from them:

to be "admissions-ready," you must meet the following requirements:

  • must possess a current cpr certification at the healthcare provider level.
  • must possess a minimum of a cna, lvn, or lpn license and have patient care experience.
  • must submit at least one letter of recommendation from your current healthcare employer.
  • must provide transcripts from all previous institutions that shows you have earned a bachelor's or associate's degree.
    these transcripts will enable wgu to determine whether you have completed the pre-nursing requisites (listed below) that will enable you to become a "clinical-ready" candidate.