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Hi all, I never have any luck in this forum, but I'm trying again. I am moving to Louisville in May 2006. I've spoken with the nurse recruiters at all the hospitals and found that: base pay is... Read More

  1. by   KLutz90062
    ICU and CCU will probably pay more if you have experience.
  2. by   Joshua21
    Just an overheard rumor but if your willing to travel a bit look in to Good Samaritan in Lexington. I heard they have some insane wage bonuses.

    Possibly Central Baptist as well though I cant remember if its great benefits vs wages.
  3. by   Dink75
    I live in Western Kentucky. Hey man! Don't complain. Here's what the two big hospitals here offer new grads: $17 base with 14% diff on midnights or $18 with 15% diff. Must be nice out east there. Then again, our cost of living is pretty low too.
  4. by   newtelenurse
    Anyone know anything about Lake Cumberland Regional hospital or Wayne co. hospital? I'm thinking about relocating to that area. I see lots of posts for louisville and lexington but that's really not the area I'm interested in. If anyone could offer info I'd appreciate it!!
  5. by   wt2001
    Quote from NCJill
    Hi all,
    I never have any luck in this forum, but I'm trying again. I am moving to Louisville in May 2006. I've spoken with the nurse recruiters at all the hospitals and found that:

    base pay is approximately 18.50 at all places
    shift differentials are 10-15% with NO weekend diff

    IS THIS RIGHT??? This is crazy in my opinion. I am currently in NC where the base is the same, but diffs are A LOT more. Weekend day diff is $10 by itself. I spoke with my nursing director and she couldn't believe the low differential Louisville offers. Does any place within an hour of Louisville offer better rates? I am certainly not greedy, but this is a huge difference. Please respond with your experience!

    It's even lower in Murray, KY.
    Base pay is 12.20 for LPN and shift diff. is 0.25, with only $3.00 for the weekend shift. RN's base pay is $15.79. Yes that's all and we were told that our pay is competitve with others.
  6. by   tjsmom123
    Just some advice on Lake Cumberland Regional, their base pay is $17/hr, with few benefits. I can't remember what the diff. is. Not much. If you are a new grad, their orientation is not too good.
    I interviewed there a couple of months ago. University of Kentucky is a great hospital with Magnet Status. They have a base pay around $19/hr, with great benefits, and about $4 diff. They have a career ladder and a super great orientation. The Nurse Recruiters are very nice, and very willing to help you out with any situation.
  7. by   newtelenurse
    Thank you!!!
    I have been hoping to get some feedback. I will check into that. Are you working there now?
  8. by   tjsmom123
    I will begin orientation with Univ. of Kentucky Hospital May 15th. I am sceduled to take my NCLEX exam on May 3rd. I was hired into the Stroke Wing, nite shift. Everyone there is so friendly and professional. Believe me, I have interviewed with about 4 surrounding hospitals and UK has been the only one to reach out to me and do everything possible to help me out. They followed up with me after the interview, after checking my references of course. Anyways, you can check out their website for more info on what they offer their nurses at . Good Luck!:wink2:
  9. by   RN Randy
    Ya know.. I interviewed at UK and St. Joes not long ago....
    It was indeed two entirely different worlds. Having applied for the ED, I got an "ED staff/panel review" [all shifts/managers, etc, about 9 people], followed by a "ED manager PhD review by the 2 higher ups."... it was everything from a laugh to a 'roast', but quite an experience; very unscripted and even enjoyable. HR Dept. was a stop on the way out, for paperwork drop-off and info.

    St. Joes was all done in HR Dept, by generic young/cutie-bots with business degrees, and the standardized "tell me about a time when..." routine, leaking directly from Corporate America's failing sphincter.
    How that particular method of hiring [speaking as a former manager that had to use it] works for medical/health care, I just don't know. Later, there was a quick chat with the ED manager and clinical coordinator on the way out, but nothing that made me think they had the final say.
    DO NOT get me wrong... very good Godly people I thought, but the biz end needs work.

    I thought I wanted to work for St. Joe's but after that, I'm ok that UK called first. Maybe I'll see ya there soon!

    St. Joes did call back to tell me they filled the 1 position they had open. [Probably with the extern working there... DUH.] Had I known there was only 1 position, I would have saved the 8-hour round trip. But info is a secret, you see.

    Same for the pay scale. I caught both places in Louisville for the NSNA conference. UK gave up the goods right there, but StJ's wouldn't release anything other than "We offer faith-based care, please come in for an interview."... ? Ok, I think I gleaned that tidbit from the name...?
    Just because I'm comparing pay scales, am I hell-bound? I don't think so.
    People have bills and if driving 3 more miles increases my pay $5/hr as a new grad, it matters. Nada to do with my faith, and there are a lot of factors to consider for that first new job besides just faith. Sheesh.
    Ok, I'm digressing into oblivion... sorry!

    Anyway, the pay is acceptable at both places, less than $2/hr difference usually, depending on your specifics. UK is happy to pay me for my Paramedic and Respiratory experience with a slightly higher starting scale, where St. Joe's gave me the good ol' corporate "If it isn't nursing experience and you are applying for a nursing job....."
    Ugh.... God love 'em.

    Central Baptist is THE place to be for happy workers I hear, but they had nothing on the job list and were not interviewing at the time. [A very good sign for future use!]
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  10. by   BBFRN
    To the OP:

    Have you moved here yet? How is the job hunt going?
  11. by   NCJill
    Thanks for asking lgflamini! I am moving on May 21st and begin my job on May 30th. I decided to accept a position at University of Louisville Hospitals.
  12. by   BBFRN
    Great! I have since taken an asst. mgr job at another hospital around the corner, but I loved working at U of L. Congrats on your new job! It's a busy hospital, but it holds a very special place in my heart. Feel free to PM me if you want- maybe you're working on my old floor?

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