NLN RN Pre entrance exam - page 2

can someone tell me if there is a better way to prepare for the nursing exam, i take it on oct 20th, i bought the study guide. Is that the best thing to get? or has someone taken it that scored well... Read More

  1. by   stephanie262
    Hey there, I just took my NLN test today, I think i did really good in math but the eng and science i dnt think i did so good, do you think i will at least be in the 70's percentile?
  2. by   Nyomialiya
    I take my exam this Saturday ( October 9th) and I used the NLN study guide so hopefully I will do well. Lately, I've been more focused on the physics and chemistry section because many of my peers who have taken this exam told me that the science part focuses mainly on those....wish me luch everybody and I will be posting agian same day to let you guys know what to expect...