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I just got my acceptance letter and was wondering if anyone here is a current/past student or is also planning to start this fall. I would love to hear about your experience.... Read More

  1. by   blackbird singing
    Hi all! I have some questions regarding this program's application:
    Basically, how does it work? I'm confused after looking on their website. I have seen the name/address/previous schools application, but then after that, do they send you another application to fill out? I'm trying to figure out what the essays and letters of rec requirements are... so if you could fill me in on that it would be great! Thanks!
  2. by   nornelas
    Hi mattnnj, I am looking into the NKU ABSN. I completed my undergrad in 2009 and am in the process of completing my prereqs. My undergrad accum was a 2.75 (i slacked off freshman & soph year but had an avg of a 3.4 junior and senior year) and so far all of my prereqs are A's. I am also going to get my CNA next semester so I can gain some hands on experience. My question for you is, do you think that this is enough to get in? I noticed you said your undergrad wasn't that great either, but this of course differs from opinion to opinion.

    Please let me know any helpful advice! I have already missed the deadline for this years program, so I will be finished with all of my prereqs before I apply by next February. It seems like this is the longest road ahead, but it worth it-right?
  3. by   mattnnj
    I think you'll be fine. The school takes a hard look at your last 30 hours and how you did on the prereques. Comparing the two of us, you'd be better...
  4. by   mattnnj
    Sorry, didn't read the last paragraph. It's the road I chose to take and I feel generally very good about the experience so far. The program seems a bit chaotic and there would be changes I'd make if someone were to be so foolish as to put me in charge. However, I'm having a blast and really find the experience very enriching. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  5. by   weluv3
    I'm also wondering how everyone's GPAs were that got accepted. I applied for this fall....

    Thanks for the info.

    Also, how is the program going?
  6. by   mattnnj

    I'm not sure I'm the best one to answer this question. My "degree" GPA was less-than- spectacular, about a 2.72. However, it was from a good school and a long time ago. My GPA for my pre-reques was a 4.0 and I took more than what NKU required because I was looking at other schools, too. If you did well on your last 30 semester hours (north of a 3.3), then you should be OK.

    The program is good. The workload is high and there's plenty of stress to go around. Nursing school is supposed to be tough and this program is no exception.

    Best of luck. If you get in and decide to enroll, I'm Doug. Come say hi...
  7. by   weluv3
    Thanks, Doug! Well cum BA was a 2.934....and if I've added my last 30 units right, I've got a 3.4 there...so here's hoping this class that applies don't all have 4.0s!!!


    I do have to still take the Health Informatics course and a nutrition course, pluse I'm taking my chem now...hopefully that won't be used against me They do say you can apply with some left to complete. Here's to hope!

    p.s.s. anyone in your cohort from out of state? I'm in CA right now...but willing to move :-)
  8. by   mattnnj
    Most are from the Cincinnati metro area and commute from home. There are a few of us who live too far away and have made alternative living arrangements. If you get accepted and matriculate and if you're interested, ask Shane, Sally or Becky whether they're aware of anyone else in the cohort that wants an apartment mate. A couple of people in are group got together that way and it does help to control expenses. I took an apartment about 5 miles from school just outside downtown. It's working thus far.

    Check with Sally or Shane as to whether you still need the Informatics class. My cohort did not need to have it. As far as nutrition is concerned, I took mine online through Western Oklahoma State. It was fast, easy and very inexpensive and NKU accepted the transfer. If I remember, you can take it at your own speed and get it done quickly. I started and finished the class in less than three days!! Don't worry about just needing one or two classes; most who apply are in the same situation.

    Best of luck!!
  9. by   weluv3
    Thanks again! Sa made it seem that we would need it, she said that were offering at NKU over the summer and it was online, but perhaps they will not require it again, that would be sweet!!!

    Actually we have family that live in Terrace Park, OH, so would be looking there. Maybe Mariemont...is that a nice town?

    Can't wait for March to get here!
  10. by   mattnnj
    Not too familiar with either area, but if you're getting your own place, I'd recommend that you stay within a 20-25 minute commute of the campus and be as central to the river as possible. There are early classes and late clinicals, equally north and south. Being central does make things earlier.

    Send Sally an email about the class. As I said, my cohort did not have to take it.
  11. by   weluv3
    Cool thanks. So how did you find out you were admitted, by email from S or an official letter? I got the most confusing response back from S just a little bit ago. I had to apply to NKU first then send in my nursing app right? So I emailed S to ask if they had received my nursing app and her response was:

    " We have your application and you have been admitted to NKU for the fall"

    What does that mean??? She didn't really answer my question, but just wrote that. Anyways, don't want to read too much into it...
  12. by   mattnnj
    Being accepted into the traditional program is required before you can even apply to the accelerated program. I received a letter from the University informing me of my acceptance. I would imagine the same process remains.
  13. by   weluv3
    Getting ancy to hear decisions this month!!! ahhh

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