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  1. by   daydreams
    Thank you so much for your advice...sorry it took me forever to respond...but as of today I am currently in 4th quarter in med-surg I haven't begun to panic just yet...I have been reading & studying study guide...what would be your advice for this quarter?...Once again thank you for taking the time & giving me a head's-up!
  2. by   Landonsmom09
    Thanks for the advice lucky grace!! Unfortunatly I'm not able to so day classes in April so is anyone here starting the LPN evening program in Louisville?? If not is anyone currently on the LPN evening program in Louisville? And if so how do you like it?
  3. by   arendon4b
    I started Oct. 28th at Galen what group are you in??? I'm in group A 2nd Qtr....
  4. by   Landonsmom09
    I'm not sure what group I'm in yet but April will be my first quarter. Really excited and scared not sure what to expect. How do you like it there?
  5. by   peachysa
    Hi. I am currently enrolled at Galen College in San Antonio Im in the 2nd quarter of the RN program. Im taking transitions and pharmacology. There are more than 1 teacher for each class. I think its very unorganized. I can deffinately say that each one of them except one of the clinical lab instructors treat the students like children in highschool. It dosnt seem like they understand how much money we are paying to be there. The pharmacology teacher reads off of powerpoint slides and does not make them available to her students so the whole class we spend trying to copy the slides down its hard to keep up and pay attention to what she is saying. We had our first test last week. The class average was 73. The things she highlighted such as flagyl I didnt see one question on the test about flagyl and she really stressed that medication saying it would be on the test and to know it. Also there were some med calculations on the test she did not go over any calculations in class and I have been to each one. There was an insulin question on the test we never went over insulin. So to me it seems like she had no idea what was on the test and she dosnt really care. In this particular class we are only graded by our test there are no quizzes and no homework and no participation grade. She gives no blueprint/study guide and at this point I am very Worried about it. Now the other class I am taking transitions we have 2 different teachers switching back and forth right now with another one to come in later and then 2 different clinical lab instructors switching on and off. One of the theory instructors sits and goes off on weird stories not really teaching anything and the other she actually talks about whats on the powerpoint slides.
    I leave feeling like I have learned nothing and clearly the whole class is having trouble with the test average being so low. We had our first quiz in transitions last week also class average I think it was 63. Not good. I am an A-B average student I study and do what I can to understand the information but when the info we need to know is not made clear its very frustrating. Its to bad there arent teachers like the ones you see on the nursing videos who really teach and break things down to make them understandable and memorable. They seem like they enjoy what they are doing (they are traveling and making alot of money) but really enjoy teaching too and I love that. I just wish these teachers could make me believe they like their job and they arent setting us up for failure just because they know either way they get to keep their job. This is alot of money to go to school here and I expect to get what I pay for.

    So to sum it up Im nervous, frustrated, and offended by the teachers not treating the students as adults. oh and they make their lvn comments like lvns arent nurses. I hate it when people do that!
  6. by   sorry
    As I read all the post for Galen I have not seen one for the Tampa school.I know there must be somebody who is in the RN program at the Tampa school..How is it?
  7. by   peachysa
    Quote from sorry
    As I read all the post for Galen I have not seen one for the Tampa school.I know there must be somebody who is in the RN program at the Tampa school..How is it?
    I saw a Tampa Galen forum when searching for Galen.
  8. by   CMetz
    Thinking of switching from Jefferson Community College nursing program to Galen Nursing Program. Is the cost worth it?

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