**NKU ABSN Starting Fall 2012**

  1. [color=#ff00cc]has anyone else been accepted and will be joining me coming the fall 2012 semester at nku in the absn program???
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  3. by   KYGIRL15
    [FONT=comic sans ms]I have also been accepted for the Fall 2012 ABSN program! I am nervous but really excited to see what's in store for us!
  4. by   KYGIRL15
    I have also been accepted for the FALL 2010 ABSN program! I'm nervous but excited to see what's in store for us!
  5. by   KYGIRL15
    I have also been accepted for the FALL 2010 ABSN program! I am nervous but excited to see what's in store for us!
  6. by   jlboeh
    [color=#ff3399][color=#ff3399]congrats!!!!!! i'm very nervous also! i've been working on trying to get my packet finished that they sent out. do you have anymore classes you need to take for the program? i have to take my inf 355 final today & then i will finally be done! do you know anyone who has gone through the program or heard anything about the program?
  7. by   jlboeh
    [color=#ff0099]hey just to let you know they have scrubs marked down 50% off at the bookstore! tops are only $13!!! i couldn't pick up any bottoms bc they are completely out of mediums. the lab coat was only $20 too. oh & it's much cheaper to get your cpr from a firehouse than the classes at nku. less than 4 months we will be starting classes, hope to see ya at orientation maybe?!
  8. by   cindylouhoo
    I have too, my name is Cindy Clair, look forward to classes with you guys.
  9. by   jlboeh
    [color=#ff0099]nice to meet you cindy! my name is justine boehringer & i just graduated from uk with a bs in psychology back in dec 2011. i have a 4 month old and am from the northern ky area, how about you?
  10. by   KYGIRL15
    Hey Justine. I have to take my INF 355 this week then I'll be done with that class. I'm also in Nutrition and Microbiology which end in like a month. I haven't actually talked to anyone who has gone through the program but I have just heard that it is intense and that we won't have a life for 16 months! It will be worth it though I'm looking forward to orientation and meeting everyone!
  11. by   fomocowife
    Hi ladies. I am Jennifer and I will be joining you all in the fall 2012 for the ABSN. I graduated from NKU in 2002 with my BA in education and taught for a few years and my children and I am now going back to school Hope to see all of u at orientation!!!
  12. by   jlboeh
    [color=#ff3399]welcome jennifer! i have an aunt who has been teaching for years in this area & she says finding teaching jobs for experienced teachers is getting harder because it's cheaper for them to hire a teacher right out of college instead of paying teachers for their experience. i'm not sure if that applies to your experience, but i wish you luck with your career change. kind of exciting that you & your children will be going back to school
    kygirl, i'm sorry i never got your name? how are your classes going, have you finished them all?

    i finally bought all my books, expect for the nursing bag that i think is for 215. i can't believe we start in only 18 days!!!
  13. by   slb25
    How is it going for you guys? I'm looking into NKU, UC, and Xavier MSN direct entry. Can't start til 3014 but that's fine I need some pre-reqs.We you guys able to get any aid or use loans? I still have about 10K in undergrad loans and I'm worried about the financing
  14. by   slb25
    Sorry for the typos my phone doesn't like me today lol that's 2014

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