Kennesaw State University Fall 2021

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Hey guys! My name is Olga, I’ve noticed nobody made one for Fall 2021 yet so I’m gonna start one.  The previous KSU forums have been very helpful with giving me an idea of the process. I know last year was hectic, but we got this. I would love to interact with other applicants and see where everybody head at. Have y’all taken y’all TEAS already? Or submitted the application? Let’s talk and be stressed together 😭

Heather Abler

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I take my TEAS Friday and I have a 3.86.. stressed 


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GPA: 3.68

TEAS: 85.3 

all prefers complete 


I applied. This isn’t my first time applying but my stats are:

TEAS: 82

GPA: 3.44 (cumulative) and 3.71 ( institutional at KSU)

All pre-requisites done 

I doubt I’ll get in but I decided to apply again because why not LOL. 

Heather Abler

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Update! Got an 87.3 on my TEAS with a 3.86 GPA. 


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I've heard from KSU that the number of prereqs complete at the time of the application deadline has an effect on potential acceptances/ rejections so it might be helpful for people to say how many prereqs they have completed and what classes they are currently enrolled in. Thanks guys!!

Hey there! I submitted my application a few weeks ago.

GPA: 4.00

TEAS: 94

Currently taking Microbiology w/ Lab & Human Developmental Psychology

Looking forward to hearing in April!

Wow yalls TEAS scores and gpas  are amazing. Goodluck to y’all.  

TEAS 85, Overall GPA 3.9, Science GPA 4.0, I have only Intro to sociology left. Goodluck to everyone! I just applied today!!

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TEAS: 84 (but 66 in science portion)

Cumulative GPA: 3.71 

All pre reqs complete. 

This is my second time applying, and I’m not sure if I’ll get in, so I’ve applied other places. 


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18 minutes ago, Blacksoulpinkhair said:

@celestewalkerWere these your stats when you applied before? Cause they’re awesome!

TEAS 82 (with a higher science score, but lower everywhere else) 

GPA: 3.70

But I got a C in chem 1152, and a B in A&P2 with lab so I’m nervous. I’m retaking chem right now so hopefully they consider that even though I won’t have my grade by the time they make decisions. I also wasn’t done with my pre reqs last time I applied, and I heard that can be a dealbreaker.