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Keiser university Sarasota campus

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Just wondering if anyone on here has gone to Keiser University sarasota campus. I'm going for my ged Eds now and I am starting the process of applying to the ASN program starting in August. Just wondering about others experiences in this program, where you did your clinicals and in which units, did the program prepare you for the nclex well and we're you able to find a job after graduation? Those types of questions..Any info would be appreciated 😊

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If you drive North to South on the Florida Turnpike you will see signs along the side of the road advertising the Keiser University just about every 5-10 miles or so.

In case you forget, this endless procession of signage overkill will afford you no respite.

Although in Florida there is very often a complete blurring of public and private concerns, these ubiqutous signs will not relent in reminding you that you must attend this school and no other.

So at this point you must know that hard to get Keiser is not.

But just in case you want to look at other less expensive schools that don't engage in mega signage meltdown, I offer to you this web site (collegescorecard.ed.gov) so you can shop around.

Don't put your eggs in one basket.

With nursing the least expensive way to the RN is always the best way.

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Well actually I didn't choose keiser because of all the signs, I chose it because my husband goes to Keisers PTA program. I won't start the nursing courses until August but so far I love the school. Yeah it might be more expensive than community college or a state school, but I'm not from Florida I just moved here so I would have to pay out of state tution for a state school anyways. Plus after you take out grants and Scholarships, I'm only going to be in debt about 25k for my entire degree and I don't have to start paying it until 6 months after graduation. And I didn't want to fuss with waiting lists, or semesters of ged Ed's without knowing when I can start the nursing program. Im taking 1 course per month for my ged eds and then in august i start the core classes and they last 16 months. From start to finish I'll graduate in just over 2 years including nursing courses and general courses. To me, that's worth the money. Thanks for the advice but I was actually looking for some answers from people who have been through keisers nursing program.

Haven't gone yet. But I'll be starting their Accelerated BSN program in May, the 16 month program. So I hope all goes well. I hear all students-BSN and ASN are in the same classes..

thanks nctoga, are you going to the Sarasota campus? I just found out I've been accepted into ASN program starting in August. Maybe I will see you around!


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