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Keiser University for ABSN?

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Hey there! So I recently decided to change careers. I am 23 and have a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. I wanted to become a Physical Therapist but I realized I wasn't passionate about it. I decided nursing is for me. I am currently working as a PCT at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale. Since I already have my BS, I wanted to do an accelerated BSN program. My problem is- where? I have applied to a few state schools in FL where the tuition is approximately $13,000 a year but I would have to relocate so including living expenses, food, car payment, etc. I'm looking around $20,000-25,000 total if I move to attend a state school and I might not have any luck finding a per diem job for extra income. Now, I live right down the street from Keiser University and they have an Accelerated BSN program. I would be able to stay home and keep working my job maybe 1 day a week if school permits to have some extra income. My question is- how is Keiser's nursing program? How does the cost compare? (If it's close to the same I would rather stay home.) Honest reviews from past or current students? Will attending Kesier affect potential grad schools from accepting me to an NP program? How do hospitals view a degree from Keiser?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your replies!

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I would suggest looking at (collegescorecard.ed.gov) to look at a variety of schools. Lots in your area. The nursing program AN site is chock full of for-profit schools incessently looking for recruits. Although Keiser is not a for-profit it used to be. But as far as schools go, a far cry from Soth University or University of Phoenix which also troll your area.

Attempt to go to a school that doesn't have a checkered past and you won't have to worry about the issue of NP school.

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Hi! I attend The Keiser Sarasota campus for general eds, and I have been accepted into the ADN program that starts this August. Tuition is about 8k per semester and the ADN core classes are 4 semesters, and believe so are the ABSN. So if you already have all of your general education classes it will cost around 32k. But if you work for one their affiliated hospitals, as a pct per diem or part time, you get a 25% discount on tuition, so that alone will bring you down to about 24k, not including any other grants or scholarships you may have. Like I said I don't start the nursing classes until August but so far I have had an amazing experience with Keiser and am so happy I made the decision to come to this school. Keiser may be more expensive than a state school but its a non profit and is nationally and regionally accredited and it is also accredited by ACEN so I dont think you would have any problem continuing your education at another school.

Oh also wanted to add that if you're interested in going to NP school, Keiser also offers a MSN, FNP program that is 18 months.

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I am also looking into this program at the Sarasota campus. Like the OP, I also have a B.S. in Exercise Science and looking to make the change over to nursing. The NCLEX pass rates are not as high as the national average for BSN's, but I'm going to guess it's because it is such a short, intense program. I don't know what the cost is yet. I'm going to try to meet with someone either tomorrow or next week. We shall see.


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