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I am new to corrections and have read about keep on person medication. This seems like it would be helpful in cutting down on the number of inmates at med call that just come for Ibuprofen or Tylenol. The MD is in favor of using KOP meds. But when I mentioned it to the Jail Administrator...he seemed to not be in favor of it. If anyone could give me advice, articles to read, or policies that would help in my campaign to get the KOP med program going..I would appreciate. I know that the Jail Administrator needs to apply to Commission for a waiver first.




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We don't do KOP anything so I can't really help you. Just a thought...Maybe your admin would feel better if It were only say a 3 day supply instead of a whole bottle? Do you charge for the PRN OTC's? That may cut down some. When the inmate comes to the door at med pass I hand them a form that they sign for the OTC's and their canteen is charged. Tylenol .25 ea. Motrin .40 ea. MOM, Myl .40 ea. etc. Good luck.


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We do KOP medication, usually it's only things like inhalers, eye drops, certain pills that need to be taken before meals, nitro for some individuals. Inmate can purchase OTC meds from commissary.


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KOP medication gives the i/m accountability for their own healthcare. The i/m is responsible for reordering kop's and getting to sick call for possible medication renewal if the medication expires.


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Medications that do not pose a threat/danger/safety issue to the inmate or other inmates should be given KOP. Only meds such as psych meds, narcs, HIV, TB meds should be given nurse administered. I suggest you ask the administrator what their justification is for not giving the medications to the inmates. It would be interesting to find out why??? If you want justification/rational on this topic you could look at They write the national standards for correctional healthcare.


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Here at the county jail, we used to do KOP for lotions, drops, shampoo, etc but now have to dispense portions of everything from the cart. The only KOPs allowed now are inhalers, (for SOME IMs) and three nitro tabs. I would think that the nitro is more dangerous than Motrin in the hands of an IM. The State prisons allow KOP OTC meds- one month's worth at a time.


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Last year, a new company won the bid and took over the medical dpt. The departing company decided to stop ordering stock meds during the last month, to save money, I guess. The last two days of the month, we were out of Motrin and Tum. The med passes went by SO QUICKLY, LOL! :roll

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We KOP a lot of meds - pretty much everything other than psych meds and meds for TB prophylaxis (the latter because knowing for sure that the inmate has taken each dose is critical). Inmates can lose KOP privileges for misusing meds (not taking them, selling or trading them, etc.).

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