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I am relocating to Kansas City from Wichita in the next few months. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of shift diff Shawnee Mission Medical Center and KU Med Center pays? I have talked to St. Lukes and they have a flat rate versus a percentage. I am waiting to hear back from SMMC and KUMC. Also, any other helpful information about either facility would be appreciated. Does either facility offer domestic partner benefits?



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I hope that your interview at SMMC goes better than mine. Nothing like being yelled at by a person that isn't your boss yet. But the hospital looks clean and nice.

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I work at KUMC. Been here for over a year and couldn't imagine not working here! Great benefits! More money if you work: nights, weekends, and holidays. Plenty of room for advancement in your career and also the ability to 'test out' other units such as Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Surgical ICU, Peds, Transplant etc... there's so many different areas to work- and it is nationally ranked...Not to mention- they love their employees! In the past year I've gotten 2 $35 Price Chopper cards, an umbrella, 2 tshirts, a free massage, $25 target giftcard, 3 KU cups, Free meals, candy...haha and I know I've missed some things- just can't remember right now...

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