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Hello ladies,

so I moved back to Nebraska and am trying to find a place to finish my nursing school. I have all my pre reqs done but every school I've talked to won't accept my transfer credits. Except for Kaplan. They would take all of them and I would be done with my BSN in under a year and a half. Has anyone graduated from Kaplan? What was your experience? Did you have trouble finding a job after? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Why won't these schools accept your credits? Where did you earn them? And I have not been a Kaplan student but I worked with a nurse who got her RN through Kaplan. She was a good nurse

I got them from rockhurst university in Kansas City. But... all of their programs are so strict and scheduled that I would have to start at the beginning... so I would have at least 3-4 years left of school at the other places. So they would technically accept my transfer credits but I couldn't just jump into a semester. I would have to go by their schedule. Idk if that makes sense or not lol.

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