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Kaplan LPN program

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Has anyone completed Kaplan's LPN program. I am looking into it. I will be done start to finish in one year. I have head many bad things about this college. Anyone acutally gone through the program???

I would stay far, far away from Kaplan. My bf started there and the headaches he went through with financial aid made him quit. FIrst he was approved, then he wasn't approved because of "missing documents" so he'd call, magically they'd find the documents so they would say he was fine, then the next day "We have missing documents". The SAME documents that kept coming up missing for over 3 months.

His instructors would never help him either. They pretty much ignored him.

I'm also hearing of a lot of people that graduate and then have a hard time finding a job because of issues with Kaplans classes.

I have heard some not-so-good things about Kaplan as well. I don't know anyone personally that went through them but one of my clinical instructors left there as she said "in disgust". She said that the faculty and classes were sub-par. Plus their tuition there is insanely high! I don't what part of the state you are in, but I would urge you to check your area community colleges. They have programs that are established, usually have quality faculty, and there classes will transfer to other comm colleges and/or 4 year schools.

Good luck!

I'm a Kaplan grad, actually Hamilton College; they changed the name right after I graduated. I agree that the tuition is high, but in my case it was a matter of waiting 2 years working minimum wage while waiting for an opening in the local CC or starting right away. When I pushed the pencil, the higher tuition wasn't such a bad deal. Kaplan is a for-profit college so it's tuition will be higher than the community colleges that are supported by the state & can afford to offer a lower tuition.

I had a good experience at Kaplan. My instructors were great & always available. The school offers excellent remedial help to all their students, if you are willing to take advantage of it. Some students just want to be spoon fed everything & just complain when they can't pass a class or don't get the grades they want. They didn't bother to ask for help.

I admit that the curriculum was not the best. When I went our A&P had no lab. Any grads who wanted to bridge to RN had to retake A&P before starting RN classes. They have rectified this now & do have a lab with the classes. And, although we had lots of clinical hours, they have recently increased this too.

I had no problem passing NCLEX or finding the job I wanted - and it wasn't in LTC. I am now proctoring a new employee where I work & she is a Kaplan MA grad. I am blown away by her knowledge & skills. I have recently been asked to be on Kaplan's Nursing Advisory Board. They ask for our input & suggestions for changes. It will be nice to be a part of those changes.



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I worked alongside Kaplan students and clinical instructors while teaching hawkeye students at covenent hosptial. I thought they all were great - I thought it was a solid program.