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Kaplan 2014 at Brenau University


Need help (study tips) for the Kaplan. I made a 77 (, but had someone provided me with a better idea of what to study for in the Science section I could have scored WAY higher. Watch this youtube video First (

), it gives a GREAT & ACCURATE idea of Math and the Kaplan itself. Listen carefully to EVERYTHING she says bc she is accurate and VERY HELPUL! The only things I would add for Math are..you have plenty of time for the exam and a calculator so if you do not know the answer do reverse math if possible. And also one question I had (only 1-2) was about % change so know the formula to calculate how to find that. Also, I stressed about memorizing conversions for NO REASON! any conversion you have, will provide the info you need as well. So all you need to know is in general how to convert. As for Science: study what areas of the brain controls thoughts and behavior controls, know what controls the immune response, review parasympathetic nervous system, review hypertension and blood vessels and asthma and respiration know the flow of blood in heart, review the function of the sinus node, fluid compartments, Resp system and how air travels through the lungs (particularly entry), Cell transportation (review osmosis, diffusion, ect...), what happens within the body when someone has asthma, review Metabolic waste, the small intestine, blood pressure (what is normal and when it is above or below normal) that is about all I can remember but I hated not having any guidance as I studied so I hope it helps someone. When you are testing if you see anything on the Kaplan you do not know make a mental note of it and cram as much as u can remember on a paper as soon as u finish and study the topics bc many sources online said if u retake it again shortly afterwards u will have the exact same questions. Unfortunately, i don't know if that is true bc i kept my score but that is how I remembered everything I shared...lol, i did horrible in Science! :-( Best of luck! It really is a VEEERY EASY test! hardest thing was Science for me.