Kapiolani Community College NURS 9 class vs CNA training school

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Hi, I'm new here to these forums...but I was wondering if there were any students already in the Kapi'olani CC nursing program? Or if there's anyone who took the NURS 9 class? I was wondering if it would be more wise to take the CNA training school this summer or just wait until I get into the nursing program at KCC and take the NURS 9 class?


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Um, Nurse 9 is for CNA right? It would be more wise to just get CNA trained elsewhere because it may be faster. I went to Healthcare Training and Career consultants and it was a two week program but 6 days a week and 8 hours aday. I don't know how much KCC charges but I paid about $650-$700. Then if you want to be a certified nurse aide you need to take the American Red Cross test which costs $250 but you need to take the test if you want to be certified even if you go to KCC's CNA training program. I am a bit confused when you say you could wait until you get into the KCC nursing program and take Nurse 9. If you are talking about the ADN program, after 1 year schooling you are eligible to work as a nurse aide and take the American Red Cross test. Hope this helps some.

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