University of Kansas Hospital Nurse Residency Program

  1. Hi nurses/future nurses, just wanted to check and see if anyone has heard from KU Med nurse residency program. The application said after Feb 11, so I was wondering if they have started contacting anyone yet for interviews. Also, has anyone heard reviews (good or bad) about working at KU Med in general or for the residency program?
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  3. by   BSNstudent15
    I applied as well and haven't heard anything! Nor have any of my friends that applied so they may be behind? that's what I am hoping!
  4. by   BSNstudent15
    Has anyone heard anything?
  5. by   anb15
    We should be hearing this week!
  6. by   Jordan_e_l
    I heard back yesterday. Anybody else?
  7. by   BSNstudent15
    I still haven't heard anything! do you know if they are telling us if its a no? best of luck to you all with interviews!
  8. by   katythelady
    Nor have I. My application status still says I am being actively considered so I am hoping they are still deciding!
  9. by   BSNstudent15
    ugh dang! Mine says the same thing...this wait is giving me anxiety!!
  10. by   anb15
    I haven't heard anything either. This is giving a lot of people anxiety. HR is really slow. Crossing my fingers for hearing something today.
  11. by   katythelady
    What unit did you hear back from if you don't mind answering?!
  12. by   Mongo197
    Are you guys talking about KU BSN program??
  13. by   krrh23

    I just accepted a new graduate nurse position at KUMC and will be a part of the nurse residency program. It would be great to hear from others who will be starting sometime this summer or people who have already been through the residency program!
  14. by   mam023
    Hi Krrh23,

    I recently interviewed for a new graduate nurse position at KUMC and I was wondering how long it took after your interview for you to be offered a job.