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  1. Hi i am currently a freshmen at wichita state. I am a part of the Early Admission nursing program. I was curious if anyone knows anything about how to get school paid for without loans. I havent had to take out loans yet but i know i will because my scholarships are pretty much gone. Are there places that will support undergrad nurses? Scholarships i should be looking out for? I am hoping that there are things i can do to make finance easier! And i would also like to meet some Wichita State Nursing students who can show me the ropes and help guide me a bit my advisor did help me so i know when to take classes and tests and stuff. Any info please let me know
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  3. by   downtownsjb
    I saw here a few months back where Wesley was paying tution. I would also check with Via-Christi & see what they have to offer. I would guess the larger hospitals that are going to want to retain you after school would be the best options!

    I'm going to Butler, so I'm unable to help with the WSU. But I know there are some girls on here that attend WSU & hopefully they will see this
  4. by   queenjean
    I worked full time while going to school.

    Most schools offer a payment plan option, where you can divide your tuition payments into four chunks which you pay over the course of the semester; this is what I did. My employer also paid 33% of my tuition (retroactively, though...).

    It didn't leave me with a whole lot of money, but it also means that I have no loans now that I am out of school.

    Good luck.
  5. by   D&Ggirl
    I just graduated from the WSU nursing program last semster - Welsey and Via Christi both do tuition reimbursement and they will send recruiters to come talk to you 2nd semester because to work as a Nurse Tech, you have to have 1 semester of Nursing school completed. The only catch is for every semester they pay, you have to work for them so many months...I think its six months per semester. I dont know if there is anything for scholarships before you are in the nursing program though. I would check with the financial aid office and see if they can help you with anything.
    A few things have changed since I started, but if you have any questions PLEASE dont hesitate to message me. I wish I had had someone to give me tips and stuff before I started so I know where you are and most of it is pretty fresh in my mind! And congrats about getting in!