1. Howdy All,
    When I complete my contract at the hospital I work for here in Dallas we (my family) are moving to Kansas (more family up there). The question I have is how are shifts normally assigned up there, i.e. 3 12 hours, 5 8 hours, etc?
    Currently the shift I work is Mon - Wed (12's) off Thurs - Tues, back to work Wed - Fri, off Sat & Sun, back to work Mon - Wed. This is how I rotate. No nights and no weekends.
    For weekends we have TDA (Two Day Alternative) the nurse works 12 hours on Sat & Sun and gets paid for 40 hours.
    Is there anything like this where y'all work?
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  3. by   RoxanRN
    Where in Kansas are you looking??

    Depends on the facility. My unit self schedules so my schedule usually varies. We also work 12 hours (ICUs) - 36 hours/week is considered full time (only paid for time worked.... 36 hours = paid for 36 hours). Floors generally have a combination of 8s, 10s and 12s.
  4. by   Happeetxn
    We have a wide area that my wife and I are looking at. We are considering Salina, Hutchinson, and Witchita. I grew up in a town close to Great Bend KS. I am willing to drive a good distance a few days a week to live out in the country. I start on a Caridac step down unit on Jan 8th 07', 99% of the patients have had a CABG x (you pick a number) to valve replacements. Only a small number are med/surg pts.
    Anyways, any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  5. by   RoxanRN
    I see your profile says 'nursing student.' When do you graduate? My unit will/should have nurse tech slots open in December (if not earlier)..... Via-Christi RMC - St. Francis Campus, Wichita (Neuro Critical Care Unit).
  6. by   Happeetxn
    Hi Roxan,
    I have my 4th semester final tomorrow (Wednesday) and HESI on Friday. God willing I do well on both I will graduate the following Monday the 18 th. I have a contract with Baylor Health Care Systems for 18 mos. I will be working on a cardiac floor. Our pt's come from ICU after a CABG or valve replacements. I was able to see an aortic valve replacement last Thursday. All I can say is amazing!
  7. by   everydaynurse
    Depends on where you are relocating to. The Topeka VA is looking for nurses, great place to work and good benifits, mostly 8 hr shifts. Shifts varry and a lot of hospitals will work around your schedules. Small town hospitals in Kansas are a great place to work and very friendly to agency nurses. Some of the larger hospitals are a staffing nightmare with huge ratios. Just have to be specific of what you are looking for, plenty of jobs.