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  1. I was just accepted into the Pratt LPN to RN online program can anyone give me any pointers. I start the articulation class June.
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  3. by   tparks
    You need to read the chapters before you take the tests. Of course . Many people in my class have had to remediate the tests. The articulation course really does not compare to the actual theory course. There is very little "homework" in the theory course your grade is mostly your test scores. In the leadership and management course try to do all of your assignments at the beginning because you will have more time to concentrate on your theory tests. Be sure to ask questions if you don't understand things because the tests focus on your interpretation of lab results and diet modifications. HTH! And Congrats!
  4. by   millertyme
    Are you in the program now?
  5. by   tparks
    yes I am getting ready to start clinicals on April 21st!
  6. by   millertyme
    What days are your clinicals? Do you have clinical throughout the semester? For the most part people making it through the program? Do you all have study groups?Any info you feel like sharing would be great.
  7. by   tparks
    my clinicals are MTW or TFS all 630-1430 but some people have clinicals from 1400-0000. They are for 6 weeks after theory. So from April-May 23rd I believe. I think that most people are making it through I know for the first 3 tests some were having a hard time with the test questions, but I haven't heard many complaints here recently. You have to pass the tests with a 75% and most of the people having issues with the tests have little hospital experience. But you can remediate up to two tests a semester. If you fail two tests which means you failed it the first time, remediated it, and failed that test then you can't pass the class. You also have to check off on dosage calculation each semester. The on campus day for your bridge class is easy. You introduce yourself go over expectations, get your badge, go to the bookstore and order things you may need (the book list is a page front and back). I ordered it all on barnes and noble. I ordered patches through the bookstore but bought my uniforms locally. Then you do a skills check off on sterile gloving and practice other skills but don't check off on them. Then you go over dosage calculation unless you have already passed. Then lunch time! When you get back you go over acid-base and then you are done! We got done Around 1:30-2:00pm. We don't have study groups, although a few students who are close to each other do I believe. If you have any questions I will try to answer them.
  8. by   millertyme
    You have been so HELPFUL. If I think of anything else I will post or if you think of anything please let me know.Did you stay in a hotel there? I will be traveling from kansas city, ks. where are your clinicals?
  9. by   tparks
    yep I stay at Comfort Suites in pratt. I have clinicals at Children's Mercy, Overland Park, and Newton this semester.
  10. by   amb_lyn
    I graduated from this program in Nov. of 2009. It was a very good program I felt. Had its bumps, but what program doesn't. It sounds as though they may have implemented some new things. We were able to remediate every single test, which I think is ridiculous! We had some students who remediated almost every one. Glad to hear it's down to 2.

    I live in NE KS. I did clinicals at Overland Park Regional, Stormont Vail, Children's Mercy, and Larned for Mental Health. We had several people drive from KC. We did do a community health rotation which you are able to choose your local clinical. I did a hospice rotation. Very interesting. That's in last semester though.

    I agree with TParks.. Read your chapters! That's where you'll get the most information. They do throw things in on the tests which you'll only know if you've read the chapters. Some are soo hard to get through, but at least skim them. Hard to get through because they're so long or so many. Really utilize the tools given to you. Alot of our slides included worksheets, I did them religiously and sure enough, it made a big difference for me when I went to study for the tests.

    What you get out of this program is what you put into it. I wholeheartedly believe that. I worked full time, have 2 children and a husband at home.

    When you think you can't do it anymore.. just remember to smile, and keep repeating... THIS IS WORTH IT! Good luck to you both!

    Oh, and the KAPLAN course that's required at the end... WOW!! I truly believed that's what helped me pass boards. Honestly. I wouldn't have taken it if it had been an option.. but was soooo glad it was mandatory after I took it.
  11. by   tparks
    so what are the finals like? I'm getting pretty nervous because it's on the 15th of April and you have to pass it to go on. I just hope I have retained all of the information that we have covered.
  12. by   amb_lyn
    They're tough, I won't kid you there. Really use the study guides made available to you. They are so worth the time to use. But know they throw stuff in there that's not on the study guide. I reviewed my old study guides as well.

    The final isn't really any different than any of the other exams. You'll do fine.
  13. by   simonton816
    is it hard to get into that program i was looking into applying there
  14. by   tparks
    I didn't think that it was difficult at all as long as you have all of your prereqs done because they won't consider you until you have it all completed.