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  1. I got a job offer from a HCA hospital, since i have read many threads from NCLEX-RN forum,i'm not happy to work there.They have said that they are going to pay me $23/hr for the first month & then $27,no yearly bonus,no contract,if i do nights extra $3/hr,weekends $2/hr,there may be increament in salary after one year depending on my performance, 2 weeks paid vacation/year (but i have to request in advance). Is this good or bad? What is your suggestion for me? do you want me to wait & attend the KU med interview or join in that HCA hospital for this rate?

    I got six years of Neuro ICU experience. Is this a good rate for my experience? Could you please tell how much /hr can i expect with 6 years experience & what are the other things i should ask the employer?

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  3. by   BlueBug
    Did you take the HCA job?
  4. by   RN2NP
    If you did take the job, how is it going?
  5. by   altus bulldog
    I wouldn't work for HCA. The hospitals they are a part of, I have worked or been a pt in four of them before they were HCA. They are only concerned with the bottom line and do not care for you, a nurse, at all. How some nurses can stay there is anyones guess, but they do have nurses, otherwise they wouldn't be in existance. Research is definately a place I wouldn't work. When my dad was alive, he was there the week before he died, on 4 west. He only saw the Dr. on admit, he was there 4 days, RT came in to take him off O2, even though he had been on O2 for the last 6 months at home, he only got a bath when I was there, on my days off, and on discharge, he still had not been out of bed once. He was an old stroke pt, and very weak. When I pulled the car around to the discharge point in the garage, the nurse just stood there, only pulling the WC out from under him before I could get him in the car. My mom had a broken wrist, is 78 years old, and could not help. I guess they lost caring for pts there when HCA took over. I have heard it is the same way in other HCA hospitals. If you took a job in one, I hope you can start changing things around, by caring for the pt, and showing the other emploees and CEO's what a nurse should be.
  6. by   belka
    I'm on local contract at HCA hospital right now and I like it so far. None of the hospitals really care about a nurse, but this one does care about patient satisfaction. I work at CCU we have several travelers on unit, wonderfull director. I have never worked on floor though, I don't know how thing are there but I floated every ICU here and can't say it was bad. I don't know regarding pay as a staff RN, but I think regular staff is about $20-22 + benefits. You can make a lot more doing agency. One thing I know is that this hospital's staffing is somewhat bether than Via-christi hospital.