1. Hey all, Hope your day is well
    Anyone taking or have taken online classes from neosho county community college? I would like to know what to expect before enrolling. I would like to take pre req classes for the rn bridge. My work schedule is to involved to be able to attend classes. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   shananin
    I just wanted to wish you luck........I take classes at the school! I applied for nursing school this year but was chosen for the alternate list......I guess at least I'm in the top 3.......:spin:
  4. by   Suz_QRN
    Thank you, I know someone who just graduated rn program and she was 14 on the list so dont give up. The school called her friday before classes began. no stress of course:smackingf :smackingf
  5. by   shananin
    That gives me hope! :spin:
  6. by   txnurse32
    I am in my first year NCC at Chanute. I wll get my LPN this summer. I think the online course will probably be time consuming. I am debating whether to take the second level online or attend class.
  7. by   txnurse32
    Shananin, quite a few of our alternates got in so don't worry.
  8. by   lytlbyt
    I am currently in the online classes for the program at NCCC. I love it. It does have days that you have to be there at the college for tests and orientation things like that. But mostly it's at your learning pace and as long as you have your weekly stuff done and turned in and you study hard... you will do fine. They do say that you need a minimum of 36 hours to study since it is online. I find that very true... Good luck!!
  9. by   categ13
    sorry if this is too off-topic but, what exactly do you have to do to get into the LPN classes at NCCC (chanute person here) I mean, I know you have the prerequisites and all but the all applying and admission confuses me, if someone could help that would be great, Thanks.