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Hi Everyone, I'm a Floridian, but moving to Kansas in a few months. I'm in the middle of applying to both Baker University and the University of Kansas. I hope to start the two-year nursing... Read More

  1. by   ucfjlin
    Thanks, KnarfKS and ShockerGirl07. The information you gave me is very helpful. I've been thinking lately that I shouldn't live in Lawrence even though it sounds like a great city. The commute is too far and gas is not cheap these days. I will look up Eudora and keep the highways in mind for faster commutes.

    Thanks, again!
  2. by   KnarfKS
    I would look more north as well. If you are coming into the south side of KC (K-10, eudora, de soto) you have to come up I-35, which is by far the worst drive in KC, it is always under construction and always busy. The only way to get through decently is to avoid rush hours.
  3. by   LSH RN
    Good luck with your schooling. I am a KU fan so I would recommend KU. I didn't go to school there but I would have loved to. A friend of my, who is a physician now, got his degree from KU. It is a beautiful school, and a huge one at that. I would have loved to experience that type of clinical setting. Anyway, pat yourself on the back. Focus on your goals and just go for it.
  4. by   tntrn
    Well, Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I grew up in northeast Kansas and attended KU. Love that school! My sister got her nursing training at Stormont Vail and several years after that went to KU and became a nurse anesthetist. I now live in Washington State and my roommie from 1969 lives about 11 miles from me!