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  1. Hi! I am currently a 10th grader in highschool and am very interested in nursing! I have been researching about nursing quiet alot lately because i am just so into it! Then I thought KU nursing school was would be perfect for me since i am not planning on leaving Kansas and was thinking of going to KU anyways! But I am kind of confused of how it goes.. so do you go to KU for two years, and apply to KU school of nursing afterwards or do you go to KU school of nursing all 4 years of college? Is University of Kansas and KU Medical Center two different colleges..? Because you know..they are located in different areas.. I know it may sound stupid but I'm just so confused! Any information about any nursing programs in the KC area would be great. Thank You!
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  3. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    I can kind of see how this can be confusing...

    Have you looked into KUMed's Nurse Academy camp? I think you fall into the targeted age range and you'd probably learn quite a bit.

    The school of nursing is a part of the University of Kansas. (Although the hospital itself is not anymore.) However, you have to apply to the school of nursing after having met the pre-reqs. You can take classes for the pre-reqs at any accredited college/university. (A lot of people will say that the nursing school prefers to take students who did their pre-reqs through KU.)

    So. You do two years of pre-reqs, then you do two years of actual nursing school at the campus attached to KU Med.

    I guess it's never too early to be considering nursing school these days, lol. You should anticipate applying to several schools in the area. I graduated from KU in May of last year and there were 850 applicants for 120 spots. I think there were over a thousand applicants for 120 spots for last year's cohort.
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    If you don't mind me asking, have you heard about any late applicants being accepted??? And what was your G.P.A. and etc. I have a lot of experience and volunteer work with people and recently got my C.N.A. But I realized I qualified for the program 2 months too late. I am having a talk with the dean on Friday, but I was just curious if you had heard about any situations like mine. I have a 3.0. I messed around my 1st and 2nd years of college. Once I made the switch, I received a 4.0 last semester.