Kansas City Nursing Agencies and Travel Opportunity???

  1. My wife and I are moving to Kansas City, KS in December 2009 and will be living in Overland Park. We are both RNs with over 7 years experience each. I have worked agency full time for most of my career, working M/S, Ortho/Neuro, Geri/Psych, ICU (CVICU primarily), LTAC(SNF) and PACU. She works ER and ICU with a strong NeuroICU background. We both prefer NIGHT shift.

    1) Does anyone know of any facilities that might have 3 month travel contracts, so that we can get there with some assistance on moving/licenses/housing initially? And if so, do any of the local agencies host these contracts?

    2) We are both pretty flexible with driving and working at numerous facilities. Is it possible to get overtime in KS,K working agencies?

    3) Is the call-off rate high?

    4) Is it necessary to sign up with "All About Staffing" if I am going to sign up with another agency? I was considering going with Cascade, seems like the most positive feedback on this forum. It is important that we have health insurance, etc. Also, are there any bonuses for longevity, extra shifts, etc?

    5) What is the going rate for agency HCA and non-HCA hospital night shift specialty RN?

    6) Does anyone know of an ER orientation program? I am considering, if it is necessary to take a permenant position in a facility, to get experience in this area?

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