Jobs for New BSN Graduates in Kansas City

  1. I will be graduating this December with my BSN and would like to move back to the Kansas City or Lawrence area. Does anyone know if any hospitals are currently hiring new grads? If so which ones? I'm getting worried with all the rumors going around about hiring freezes.

    I would like to work at KU med or St. Luke's because they have great reputations but don't know if they would hire me right out of school. My preceptorship this fall will either be in ER or NICU.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   mmmc2
    I am a new grad as well (May) and I am working at Truman on Hospital Hill. We are just about the only hospital in the KC area that is actually expanding and opening new units.

    New grads are welcome here with open arms (unlike most of the other KC hospitals). Because it is a teaching hospital (partnered with UMKC) there are a lot of GNs and Med. students here. The staff nurses who have been here for a while are used to being paired up with orientees so they are so nice. I have not met a single nurse (although there probably are some) who isn't nice and willing to help us new grads out.

    I am so glad I came to Truman. The benefits are amazing and the pay is great as well. The hospital is very nice looking with newer equipment and very safe as far as security.

    If you want any other info about who to contact as far as our nurse recruiter, just email me and I'll put you in touch.

    I forgot to mention, we are in the process of trying to get magnet status.
  4. by   cmknova
    Thanks so much for the info on Truman Medical Center. Would you send me the contact info for the nurse recruiter there? It sounds like a great place to work..if the nurses are willing to teach that's a big plus! I live in New Mexico now and work as a Tech on the Telemetry floor so I am hoping this experience will help me find a job in Kansas-plus I do speak Spanish. If I can't find anything in KC then I will probably stay here and get a year of experience and then move back. I'm missing the Kansas fall right now because it is still so hot in New Mexico!
  5. by   shoegalRN
    Like the other poster mentioned, I am also a new Grad working at Truman Hospital Hill. I am in the New Grad Residency program and I've been hired directly into the new MICU unit that is opening sometime in December.

    Truman is the only hospital hiring new grads at this time (that I know of).

    I graduated from Research College of Nursing in May 09 and couldnt even get hired at ANY of the HCA hospitals. Truman is the ONLY hospital that was willing to take a chance on me. For that, I will forever be grateful to them and will hold a special place for them in my heart.

    And everyone is so helpful! The nurses I've been paired up with are so nice! I think it's because it's a teaching hospital, and the nurses also like to teach, (at least the ones I've been paired up with).

    Truman is also a Level I Trauma center and it is said that if you have just one year of Truman experience, that's like 5 years experience at other hospitals. And the pay and benefits are GREAT!

    If you are interested in applying, let me know. I can also get you the information for the nurse recruiter.
  6. by   jawh7b
    I work right across the street from Truman at DaVita. I am enjoying it and it is something different. As a dialysis RN, I actually get paid more than my friends who work at truman on nights (and i work about 5am-330pm). It's a clinic so it is somewhat of a different feel. But, I am learning a bunch because the patient's are chronically and in many cases acutely ill. You should check into it.

    I think Truman ICU or ER would be a great place to start. Although, that have a great load of turn-over. So, I questioned that and decided not to apply there. I felt the med-surg nurses were over-worked and under paid. As far as the hospital system, it is a bit disorganized because their are so many hands involved in the care with students, GNs, RNs, med students, NPs, is very confusing even as an employee.

    SLH-east has a couple jobs posted as well as Children's Mercy for GNs.

    But, you do what makes you happy!
  7. by   jill88
    Hi, I just came across this post; I will be graduating with my BSN in May and will be moving to KC after that. Can give me any contacts regarding a possible job there?
  8. by   jawh7b

    Teaching Hospitals: Saint Lukes (use to work there...but they are going down hill b/c they stopped excepting united health= 25% population..), I work at Kansas University Hospital and LOVE IT in the NICU. Children's is great. Truman is okay- teaching as well but in the inner city, so population that goes along with that is challenging.

    What type of nursing are you looking for? whats your capstone going to be in?
  9. by   jill88
    It sounds like KUMED is where I hope to get a job then. I want to work in Critical Care - probably ER or ICU. I'd like to go to grad school eventually, but I want to get out there and figure out what I want to specialize in first. I'm looking at apartments in the plaza area. That's pretty close to the hospital right?
  10. by   jawh7b
    KUmed always hires new least 50-75 in may and probably 25 in dec time period. Although, the ER at KUMC is more for experienced they dont directly hire new grads..(Truman's ER is the only place that i know that hired more than 2 new grads in the area). KUMC does like new grads in the critical care areas. email or call up to the hospital and talk to the new manager about coming to shadow or possibility of having capstone on the unit you want to work. although i know sometimes that isnt possible with certain nursing schools (like mine we couldnt do ICU for capstone) r/t boards is 75% med surg.

    The plaza is really close to KUMC, although hospital in KS and live in MO = double taxed. not sure how that all works out when tax season comes..but mission ks is really nice (thats where i live)..and less than 10 min from kumc.

    check it out. and good luck! :-)
  11. by   khampl
    Clinical Nurse Entry is what you'd be applying for at KUMC... it's a great place to work for sure!
  12. by   jeyre1847
    I know the thread says that jobs are available, but I wanted to revive this thread and see if this was still true, since this is a kind of old thread. I'm wondering what the job market for new grads is like in Kansas City. I'm considering relocating, but I'm not sure where's a good place and what areas aren't hiring at all.

    Is Kansas City a good place to live? I've only visited before, but I like what I've seen.

    I will be graduating with a BSN in May with good grades from a very good school in the midwest. We don't have many job offers here (better than some but not nearly enough for all the new graduates), and I'd just like to try somewhere new. I'm particularly interested in NICU, pediatrics and OB.

    Would Kansas City be a good place to apply, or should I just skip it and move on?
  13. by   Dana43
    Thanks so much for the info on Truman Medical Center. Would you send me the contact info for the nurse recruiter there? It sounds like a great place to work..if the nurses are willing to teach that's a big plus as well! Please please let me know if you know anybody that hire new GNs I will be very grateful!
    Looking forward for some help.... Thanks so much:heartbeat