JCCC RN Nursing School Interview 2014 - page 3

Hello all, I just had my JCCC Nursing School Interview today. I think it went well but I was very nervous. I interviewed with two women in the conference room in the CLB building. They asked me 10... Read More

  1. by   skessl10
    Alright thanks! Hopefully I get something tomorrow then! What should I say to them if I have to call?
  2. by   LoveLife28640
    I would say I applied to the program and have not received anything in the mail. And I would ask them to check the current status of your application. They should be able to tell you over the phone. Call Heidi Jolson @ 913-469-3157.
  3. by   skessl10
    Awesome thank you so so much!!
  4. by   LoveLife28640
    You're welcome! Let us know what they say.
  5. by   skessl10
    Well the mail just came and I still haven't got anything! I even called up there and no one answered!
  6. by   LoveLife28640
    They are closed on weekends. You will have to wait until Monday morning!
  7. by   skessl10
    Just got my letter and I was accepted!!!!!!!
  8. by   LoveLife28640
    Awesome! Congrats! Did you make the deposit deadline?
  9. by   skessl10
    Yupp! When I called up there, the man said that the deposit deadline was just 5 days after you signed for your envelope! So I was good! I paid everything a few days ago!
  10. by   LoveLife28640
    Awesome! See you this fall.