JCCC RN applicant for 2015

  1. Hi!! Has anyone else applied to JCCC RN program, and waiting to hear back about an interview also?! The suspense is killing me!
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  3. by   DragonGirl
    I applied too and still haven't heard anything. My fear is that they didn't get my ACT scores in time. I think they were due no later than January 15th and I took the ACT on December 13th. I shouldn't have waited! I hope they'll send me a letter either way... so I'll have a concrete answer.
  4. by   CBRCHICK
    Where did you take your act? If it was residual, at jccc the got the results that day. If it was national they still may have received them in time! I think we will get interview letters by the end of March! :/
  5. by   DragonGirl
    I took the ACT at Olathe South High School. I received a post card from JCCC early January stating they hadn't received my results yet... so, guess we'll see!

    I was looking at some older threads and it looks like last year people were scheduling their interviews early March. Hopefully that means we won't have to wait too much longer.
  6. by   CBRCHICK
    I sure hope you're right! I'll keep you posted if I get a letter!
  7. by   knemo8
    Hi! I also applied and I'm anxiously waiting! I did speak to someone in the office last week. She said we should get interview letters by the end of this week! Good luck to you both! Keep us posted!
  8. by   DragonGirl
    Hey again! I just got my letter today! Called and scheduled my interview for next Thursday.
  9. by   knemo8
    Congrats!! I just got my letter too!
  10. by   CBRCHICK
    Meet toooo! O my gosh! ;D when I can get on the computer later I will look up some links for stuff that they may ask during the interview! Great job ladies!
  11. by   DragonGirl
    Congratulations to you both!! Best of luck with your interviews next week. Hopefully we'll all get to know one another this fall! I told myself I didn't care if I got the interview or not, but I literally started crying when I opened the letter. Guess I care more than I thought I did!
  12. by   CBRCHICK
    I bought a pants suit from Kohls today! I hope it will work!
  13. by   DragonGirl
    I'm sure you will look great! I haven't hit the stores yet. Hoping I can make do with what I already have, but may have to purchase a new blouse. I'm shopping for a new laptop, so hopefully won't have to squeeze any new clothes from my tight budget.

    Do either of you have any ideas about what sorts of questions they may ask? I think my interview is going to have to be pretty polished for me to get in. My GPA (for classes counting towards the degree) is somewhere between a 3.13 and a 3.25.... I can't remember now and I'm too tired to get up and look! lol My ACT score for science was a 23 and overall was only a 24. Math killed me!

    On the upside, I live in Johnson County, so I'll get the residence points.

    Someone told me that the fact I already have a BA will help too... although I don't remember seeing that asked on the application.

    Anyway, I am ready for anything! I've got to get to studying for physiology! Taking it online and still trying to decide if that was a good idea. lol
  14. by   CBRCHICK
    Interview questions

    Here's a link.. I just click on "students" at the top
    then any of the green dots on the left that seem to go with what you're looking for
    then at the bottom it says "enter key word" then i hit search.

    I dont have any dress clothes! leggings and jeans for me!

    You may want to try NFM for laptop. You can get the no interest for like 24-36 months. I have a mac book pro and love it! They also have a toshiba 10" tablet and you can get a case with a keyboard. it comes with microsoft office too! That was like $250 all together, and I can use it to watch movies on and stuff when we travel.

    I dont even know exactly what classes they use towards our gpa.. like I wonder if my self defense (hyper elective) would go towards it? I mean, its part of the prereqs.. I guess.. :/ when i look up on degree check my overall is 3.53. But I really dont know which exact classes they use out of those! My ACT Science score was 24, and my overall was 23. I am a joco resident.

    I hope I was able to help you a little!!