i need some information

  1. i am located junction city manhattan area i live on fort riley does any one know about any funding that is out there to pay for school here in kansas i am not eligible for financial aide or student loans so i will be paying for school out of my own pocket any information would be appreciated
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  3. by   genankansas
    I would suggest you contact your area hospitals and possible apply for a job. I work in Overland Park at St. Luke's and they have tution assistance that pays for $5000 for part time and $10,000 for full time (after 90 of employment). You do not have to pay it back you just need to work there one year after you graduate or its a pro-rated payback. I'm doing it and it REALLY HELPS. Good luck.
  4. by   Rme4life
    not sure if you're still interested, but i also live on fort riley and go to nursing school (topeka). i know i could not take a scholarship with a hospital b/c of not being able to guarantee staying. anyway, you can get a scholarship with Heartland Works. This is a program at JC Work force (its by the movie theater in town). the poc is Felicia. they can give you a grant (dont have to pay it back) for up to 1500 a semester or 3000 a year. you dont have to be a resident of kansas or live here or practice here. you just have to go to school here. when i applied, you did not have to qualify by income, it is based on the job you are going to school for and nursing is one of the jobs. hope this helps.