Hello Kansas (Introduction)

  1. hey kansans, i just wanted to introduce myself! my name is shannon born and raised in kansas city, ks, wyandotte county to be exact. i'm currently pursuing my nursing career. right now i'm in the process of getting my cna license (3 weeks to be exact), at ats (area technical school). the only reason i'm going the cna route first is because the cna course is the pre-req to their lpn program along with a&p lab. i plan to do lpn-adn program and then get my bsn at ku or college network possibly haven't made up my mind yet. and hopefully go on to become a crna. that's about it for now nice meeting you all.
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  3. by   ExAirBagRN
    Hi Shannon-

    Congrats on getting your CNA certificate- you are following in my footsteps!

    I went to ATS for my CNA, and I just graduated from their LPN program...
    I found out 2 days ago that I passed my NCLEX, so I'm officially an LPN!
    What a relief!
    I plan on bridging next year- I need some time off to soak in my new career...

    Best of luck to you- you're headed in a great direction!

  4. by   LadyBug0387
    Wow that is awesome I wonder did you graduate with my boyfriends sister, Tyeasha Pittman, she's the one that truly inspired me to go this route instead of straight RN. Oh and what are your thoughts on the NCLEX
    I'm very excited that you passed glad to E-know someone who did
  5. by   Gentle Hands 911
    Hello Shannon, congratulations. I took a 12 day CNA course at JCCC because it was a requirement for their ADN program, however, I was accepted at MNU and this fall I will be starting my last exhausting year.

    Congratulations baby girl!

    --Peace and Love--
  6. by   ExAirBagRN
    Hey Shannon-

    What a small e-world! I graduated with Tyesha- did you go to our pinning/ graduation? If so, I was the one who lead the Nightingale pledge
    Tell her hi next time you see her- last I talked with her, she had just accepted a position at Sharon Lane. Love her!

  7. by   LadyBug0387
    Wow DawnFromKC, indeed a small world it is. I was there at you guys' pinning ceremony. I believe I do remember you giving the Nightingale pledge. That's great!!!! i feel like I know you LOL, Well maybe in someway you can guide on my quest to become a RN!!!
    Nice to know you graduated with Ty.