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  1. Hello Im new to this site and have a question about CEU;s. I need 30 credits by March does any one have any ideas on how to get free ceu's ?
    A little about me. Im an LPN I make $18.00 an Hour I just graduated ESU with a bachelors in Rehabilitation. I dont know why I went to college I make more as a nurse.LOL
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    NOt sure how you can come up with 30 hours free CEU's by march, but the Other nursing BBS, Nursing spectrum has "unlimited" hours for around $25 or so.

    There is alink here were you can get some hours for free, I'ts on the bottom of the main page.
  4. by   celeste7767
    I got more than 60 free Contact hours from various sources and once one gets your name you get offers from others. Check out the following which you can do online, download the material if you want and some will even send you monthly free ceu offerings:

    I would strongly suggest not taking Basic Disaster Life Support or Advanced Disaster Life Support classes offered by an organization named CREST and usually supported by a respected university. I took the classes in Sept. 2007, passed them and was given a homemade certificate that did not list the 21 contact hours I was supposed to get. We were all told then that we would receive our CEUs and cards in the mail from the AMA. I have called and emailed several times and 5 months later and we still are waiting for our documents. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

    Try those above. You may spend time on the computer, but you'll get your ceu's immediately.

    Good luck to you!! Celeste7767
  5. by   Ekook