Eagle Med

  1. A week ago today was the Eagle Med 4 fixed wing crash. My heart is going out to the families, coworkers and comrades of those 3 people.
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  3. by   Captain Mike
    Hi Brandi,

    Wanted to let you know that I successfully made it back from Wichita. I really enjoyed meeting you and of course all the other students in the class. Took the time to sign up for the forum so I can keep in touch. My wife appreciated the links and will hopefully have the time to look them up. She's on such a whirlwind experience going through the program.

    Please don't hesitate to email me at home mschlags@msn.com or work mschlags@sbcfire.com if I can ever be of assistance for you or your department.

    Consider attending / putting in for a grant to the next Continuing Challenge Workshop the first week of September in Sacramento. Dr. McNeill and Jason may also consider attending. Check out the site at www.hazmat.org for additional information.

    Until later, stay safe!

    Mike Schlags, Fire Captain
    Santa Barbara County Fire Department