Any KU Nurses Out There???

  1. I went to a New Grad reception at KU Med last night, and I was encouraged by what they told me. Nurse managers were all over me like white on rice to apply and interview. They seemed very eager for me to apply.

    The areas I am interested offer a fellowship program for new grads, which would require me to sign a two-year contract. The time doesn't scare me because I think all the extra training would be valuable in the long run.

    What I want to know from your KU nurses who actually work there, or even did clinicals there...what did you think of the hospital? I talked with some people who worked their prn a few years back, and they hated it. I've heard that KU has made changes since then, so it could be different.

    I like the whole fellowship thing, but I'm not sure I want to be obligated to work 2 years in a place that is dreadful to work in.

    Any input would be appreciated!
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