Kaiser entrance...interview letter late or early =good??


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This is my first year to apply and I only applied at Kaiser. After reading some of the posts...little nervous about how some of the people were denied entrance...especially the ones with high GPA and experience....do have to be perfect to get in???

I have 6 years NICU with ECMO and cardiac transplant qualifications and two years critical care tranport that I had intubation, IO placement and chest needling experience....GPA is 3.8 with tons of extra science classes like vert zoo, genetics, all the chem..ochem..bio chem...(I was going to be a vet)....so not sure what it is they are looking for..hmmmm

My question was if anyone knows if it makes a difference if you get your interview letter early or late....it seems that some get a interview letter as early as beginning of Jan.....just curious and nervous.......its my first rodeo here.:wink2:


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Hi, I'm in the Kaiser program and I believe the letters were going out this week. As far as getting in to the program I would say your GPA is good..although 3.8 is probably the average (of those I know of in my class), experience sounds good but they like to see some adult ICU. How about volunteer work or leadership roles you have done??..Kaiser is BIG on academics (the extra science courses are good), TYPE and acuity (not quantity) of experience, leadership roles, and how much you've demonstrated you want to do anesthesia in any other way (shadowing, etc). Once you meet these requirements, then you interview where they look for personality, humility, and teachablility (they don't want people who think they already know everything about critical care). But yes it is VERY competitive, and some with 4.0 get turned down every year. The last 2 years they have recieved over 500 applicants for 35 spots. If you really want to do anesthesia and don't get in this year...it won't hurt to apply again (and to a few other schools next year). Good luck to you and feel free to PM me with any specific questions.

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hey odinsrumor!

i also only applied to kaiser and i got my letter in the mail today (january 10) asking me to interview in february....so it sounds like people will start getting letters soon...i have two other friends i work with that have applied and i haven't heard if they got letters yet or not...will keep you posted! good luck!

hey mammothsnw!

im nervous about my interview...of course....what kind of things did they ask you, i know they wont go into clinical questions too much or at all, the director made that clear, but i imagine they ask 'why you want to be a crna', but what else? thanks for you help! (fyi...i cant pm yet because my account doesnt allow me yet...) : )


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They'll ask you about leadership roles you've held, research you've done, acuity/type of your nursing experience (they may ask you something clinically relevant to whatever your experience was..that's usually as far as the clinical questions will go), why you want to do anesthesia, volunteer work, etc.. They basically want to meet you and see if your personality will be a good fit for the program. Show them you want to do this more than anything, try to remain relaxed (there will be 15-20 people seated in a U shape around you)...and don't forget to smile. Good luck


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do you have to have a ccrn certification.

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