65k in loans worth it?


I was just accepted in an ABSN program in my area, and while I'm excited, I'm also nervous about the loans I'll be taking out. In total it will be around 65k. Do you think it's worth it?? I would like to be working as soon as possible because this is my second degree, so that is what's made the ABSN really enticing so far. 


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I feel like if this is truly your dream it is worth it. But you can also go the ADN route and then do the RN to BSN. But with the ABSN you are taking less time. So it really depends what you want to do 

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I don't think that is worth it, but it is up to you! ADN is much cheaper and it takes around 21 months to complete then you could do an RN-to-BSN bridge while already working as an RN. Most employers will also pay for the RN-to-BSN, so you would just need to pay for the cheap ADN. 


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I’m in the same boat. I’ve been doing research on jobs and a lot offer sign on bonuses and the VA hospitals offer differing amounts of loan forgiveness(I saw $21,500-$200000). I think that it could be worth it. If you love me dearly for a few years those loans will be paid off pretty quickly. Also with travel nursing locally after a year or so off experience you could be making enough to pay those loans off easily. There’s also scholarships like the VA HPSP that pay full tuition so if your willing to move after school you should definitely apply. They accept applications on a rolling basis and have a high need for rns


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Hi, I haven't been accepted to any programs yet (fingers crossed) but I will be in the same boat as far as having to take out loans around the same amount. Did you come to a decision on if you will proceed with the loans?