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Hello, I was just admitted into Simmons College FNP program. I breifly glanced at the tuition when applying, I basically just applied thinking I wouldn't be admitted and to give me a baseline and motivation to apply elsewhere, I was ready to go but then I looked at the cost of tuition. I know of a few good programs that are significantly cheaper than Simmons and was in the process of applying to. I want to get started in school ASAP and am basically just looking for reasons to justify attending Simmons. I am in debt from undergrad and want to keep from adding onto that as much as possible. If I could get scholarships and grants, that might also lower the cost. Thanks for the help.


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I was going to start a thread on a very similar topic, I was wondering what average tuition is for FNP programs. I just got accepted to a program that I will be starting in the Fall. I am coming straight from getting my BSN (I start the FNP program the day after my pinning ceremony), and this is my second Bachelors degree so I have quite some debt built up. Getting into more debt worries me.

I know that a hospital in my area starts their FNPs out at $54 an hour which is much higher than RNs start out at, so although it costs a lot to go to school it will pay off in the end. Good luck with everything!

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