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I am intrested in getting my online credential for patient care technician, i am currently a housekeeper and want to better my position in the nursing home. Do you think they will honor this or are there jobs outthere for this. The course is from the US career institute. Please help me decide.


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Ask your employer if they will accept an online certificate for the position your interested in and if you successfully complete the program, will they be interested in promoting you. If so, why not ask for tuition assistance.

Check if there are skills requirements that are not easily learned online.

I did a quick check and found a message board with a discussion about the school your interested in. Its from 2007.

Hope it all works out for you.



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Ask HR. Our state only recognizes CNA's as being able to move from one facility to another. PCT's are limited to one facility only.

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my daughter got her CNA lic in 2 weeks through a temp agency. 40 hours of class time and that was it and it cost less than 200.00 bucks.

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Just by the way, one of our housekeepers at the place I used to work saved a patient's life by informing me in a timely fashion that this lady, whose room she had been cleaning during her stay, "didn't look right". The pt had developed a decreased level of consciousness and was sent out acute to the local hospital. I don't remember the dx but we caught her about to go into shock and I remember there was a good outcome. I made sure the housekeeper was aware of her role in assisting this patient. If you have good powers of observation and are generally a compassionate person you already have the basics. Good luck on your path!

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LOL It was a housekeeper that taught me how to breastfeed!!! She came in to empty the trash and I was in bed visibly frustrated. She asked me how I was doing and i told her I could be better if only I could get him to eat. She came over and said "oh girl your doing it all wrong, she proceded to prop my feet up on an empty trash can, propped some pillows under my arms and under baby told me to straighten my back and raise him up" I had been visited by the lactation consultant and 2 RNs and still couldnt get the hang of it, but thanks to the housekeeper I was able to figure it out!!!

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