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Just wanted to introduce myself... and GRE prep recommendations?


I graduated in 2008 with my BSN. I went directly into a Health Care Systems Management program but last semester decided the tuition (and future career in administration) wasn't worth the payoff (just did a simple ROI calculation). I got into nursing for nurse anesthesia but got caught up in the, "I want to start a family and settle down" mentality so put my dream on the back burner. I'm 29 btw... but you know what? Life is short! And I'm going to pursue my dreams. I guess having any sort of social life will have to wait and I do enjoy being single. Does anyone else struggle with this?

I am applying to CRNA programs and hope to start in the summer of 2011. Is anyone studying for the GRE? Can anyone suggest a great prep book?


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I am in a very similar situation! Im 25 and just graduated with my BSN Dec/09. I went into nursing to become a CRNA but now I am looking into an FNP program because of the whole "I need to think about starting a family" idea that I have in my head. I plan to take the GRE in June. I'm going to get Kaplan...I heard its pretty good. I also enjoy being single...I often wonder when I will find the time for marriage and kids. But I guess it just kinda happens :rolleyes:


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Kaplan was good preparation for me. Do the tests and read the rationale for what you missed or were not sure about. Concentrate on the quantitative section. I felt that there was little I could do to improve my verbal scores quickly, but there were several math concepts/formulas that I had forgotten, and I could quickly refresh my memory on those things versus trying to learn a bazillion vocabulary words. Good luck on your GRE!