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Hi folks! :)

Just want to say hello! Just taking on the role of the moderator for this forum. . . someone had to do it! :)

A little about myself. Worked for 7 1/2 years on a very busy hematology/oncology/BMT unit for a large teaching hospital in the the Albany, New York area. Still work there per diem because I love this poplulation (and love the nurses who work on this unit; I think we make a great team!) I currently work in a small rural hospital on its even smaller ICU/CCU floor.

Just spent some time skimming down the threads and topics here. There's a wealth of information to be found! :)

Feel free to share YOUR history with oncology nursing. How long have you been nursing in the oncology field? What keeps you going? (It's a tough specialty. We just lost a 20 year old newly diagnosed leuk. on the heme/onc/ floor at that Albany hospital. :o ) Share your success stories!

Know that I hold the greatest respect for you.

With warm regards,

Ted Fiebke - happy moderator for this forum. :)

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